2.Ginza Tokyo

Ginza is the most prosperous business district in Tokyo. It is said that this area was the sea long time ago, and later it was reclaimed into the sea. This place became the “Ginza” for casting silver coins. It is called “the heart of Tokyo”.Click Here For More.

Ginza Avenue is one and a half kilometers long. It runs from Kyobashi in the north and Shinbashi in the south.Click Here For More. The department stores and various shops on both sides of the boulevard line up and sell high-end goods. There are many restaurants, snack bars and bars in the back street of Ginza Avenue. Since August 1970, Ginza Avenue has banned all vehicles from passing through and has become a pedestrian commercial street. There are many tea houses on the street. Visitors can sit in the street and drink tea. After the night, the neon lights on the roadside building are fascinating, forming a charming night view of Ginza. Ginza is the most representative downtown area in Tokyo, the crossroad also is the most prosperous area of Ginza.