• Stoner: Natural educational method

Stoner is a grammar professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Radcliffe Women’s University. While advocating the Calvert Education Act, she advocated the use of natural methods to educate children based on their own habits and gets a great achievement.

‘‘Write poem at 3 year-old, write scrip at 4 year-old, express her mind use 8 kind of language, at the same time she has the enormous talent at the aspects of music, art, history and math and well-developed both in mind and body.’’ This is a amazing girl, her talent is not inborn, but depends on her mother’s foster, this method is called natural educational method. Stoner never forced her daughter, the all education is going on by game and story.

Stoner use her experience prove to all the person that the child prodigy is not inborn, as long as the educational method is right, every child can reach successful. The education should be started at the child’s birth of the first day, his mother should responsibility for their child’s early education. To educate the child, the most important is to lead, not to force, the key of getting the success are support a good cultural environment to them and let the child study under a unburdened environment.

Stoner’s early education for her daughter started with training her five senses. Taking full advantage of the life environment, such as normal music, colors, stories, pictures or outdoor activities, to stimulate the development of her daughter’s senses. In her view, if the ability cannot be use and exploit, it won’t have any development. So, the five senses of the child must be trained as soon as possible.

Stoner greatly believed that the language education is not only promote the child’s intelligence development, but also in favour of the developed both in mind and body, even can effect his lifetime, so we should strengthen the infant’s language education. Before her daughter master English very well, Stoner is not teach her other languages. Although some language experts think the child can study more than two country’s languages, but according to her experience, it may make the child more troubled, eventually it is easy to cause the situation that they can master neither of them. Her suggest the mothers: when we rising a child, we should keep diary to record the progress of your child.

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