Digital transformation shows that only companies have a dramatic, complete (or major and complete) redefinition of their business-not just IT, but redefine all aspects of organizational activities, processes, business models, and employee capabilities. At the time, success will be achieved.

There are some digital transformation trends in education for 2019. Last year we took a look at the top digital transformation trends in several industries, including education, and this year we’re revisiting those industries to see how much they’re expected to change in 2019. My top picks for digital transformation trends in education this coming year are below.

Virtual Reality

While I don’t know of any schools taking weeklong virtual field trips to Egypt just yet, I do think we’ll start to see some growing interest in using AR and VR to help students “experience” things like history, travel, and even STEM program development in the coming year. Products like Google Expeditions are aiming to make classroom AR more attainable, with a wide range of experiences available via simple phone apps. Indeed, Expeditions already offers some 900 different expeditions, including visits to the Louvre and Mt. Everest. These are the types of things that can keep our students engaged and excited about learning into the future.

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