1. Outdoor yoga. Santa Cruz, California yoga instructor Eoin Finn said that the most healthy activities with close contact with nature, doing yoga outdoors is a great way to combine the two. His favorite yoga mat is grass, dense sand and flat rocks, they are good places to practice yoga, and very wholesome.
  2. Combine yoga with outdoor activities. Surfboard yoga is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to yoga while drifting on the water, you can also practice yoga on the calm waters of the bay or on the lake. Experts point out that the combination of the two activities, to keep the body in balance and put water rafting yoga postures, can exercise the core muscles and increase strength.Click Here For More.

  1. Make good use of the terrain movement near the place of residence, can be very close to nature. Drilling the cave allows the body to pose in various poses for flexibility.
  2. Through nature to get out of the network. A quiet,Click Here For More. healthy path is a great place to get out of cyberspace and leave electronic devices behind. Exercise and walking into nature can relieve stress, and it is a good opportunity to use green movement as a shackle.
  3. Let your heart calm and socialize. Strolling through the forest or park can calm people. Nature gives us a good opportunity to interact with others.
  4. Enjoy in nature. If you go to the gym, you must follow the rules, at least not to disturb others. But in the nature, there is no bondage, even challenging or breaking the limits of sports.
  5. A timely movement. It is a good time to carry out outdoor sports. For example, snow is covered with the earth, we can skip in the nature to feel its charm.