China Compressor Gear Online Market Prime quality, Best service,Affordable value. AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention; Its operation precept is: AC servo numerical management electric machine drives the flywheel rotation, thereby drives the screw rod rotation, and last screw rod moves downward by the screw pair driving sliding block; Flywheel has enough inertia, plays a component vitality storage.After the enter enabling sign, motor drives slide block by inactive state through flywheel and quickens descendingly, and electrical motors is throughout to the desired rotating pace of the blow energy that is supplied with upfront, and the kinetic vitality work finished that utilizes flywheel to store realizes the excellent suitability for press forming process.After flywheel released energy, motor drove flywheel counter-rotating instantly, return sure nook after, the motor outage, flywheel is in on-position, makes slide block be parked in initial place, the one motion circulation is accomplished.

Each circuit can have associated with it its personal oil tank 32, or the circuits of one half of the press or all the circuits can have a typical oil tank 32. The platform 25 is fashioned as a trough 33 with inner facet walls 33i, outer side partitions 33a and the bottom 33b, the trough 33 supporting the complete oil hydraulic system and being adequately dimensioned to receive all of the oil current within the oil circuit.

steel press machine 

6. When the sliding block of the electrical screw press is at rest, the motor will stop working, so power consumption is low. The flywheel energy is designed bigger since the amount of power to deform material requires great amount, however, elementary structure is identical as basic kind of screw press.

Screw press is a significant forging tools, its most necessary advantage is exact vitality management which ensures high course of reliability and repeatability, moreover, utilizing low pace giant torque motor instantly driving the press can take away the clutch, gear, belt, et al driving gadget, so that the ability consumption might be diminished successfully.

For this purpose the oil pump 27 is supplied with a pressure gauge 35 and an actuating drive 37 which is actuated as a perform of pressure by the use of a management 36 and which in the case of an axial piston pump ideally used on this connection causes the piston axes to pivot in the direction of the drive axis.