Let’s show their elimination utilizing the example of the gear shift fork ring. The primary governing physique of the mechanism is a lever brought into the automotive salon near the gear lever. The primary benefit of such a system is its reliability, in addition to the absence of the risk of failure of the electronics. But the downside is that you cannot switch modes on the go, for this you first have to fully stop. Distributes the moment between the axles, which ensures the best cross-country ability of the automotive, and in this method the complete potential of the engine is realized.

We clamp the splined a part of the drive shaft in a vise with gentle metal jaw pads, … We take away the spring washer of the axis of the Niva 2131 satellites. Separate the entrance and rear differential housings. We put marks on the front and rear differential housings so that during meeting they don’t disturb the steadiness of the meeting.

When I put the wings, I didn’t give it some thought in any niva 2123 release bearing x clutch respect. It seemed to me that everything was commonplace and there was nothing like that in the reality that I put a set of bushings from the gearbox and a trimmed gearshift lever on the RK – I did simply that. Instructions for the repair of the cardan, axle and wheel drive Niva 2131. We set up the drive and intermediate shafts within the switch case on the identical time. Everything will become clearer after we consider the purpose of the VAZ 2121 switch case. Everything seems to be easy – the transfer case is required so as to appropriately distribute the torque between the driving axles of the automobile.

After all of the mining has drained, you have to take a magnet, which is specially installed on the box. Important point– the more steel particles, the shorter the lifetime of the automobile. This process is carried out using a special liquid.

Due to changed circumstances (far much less time & a bit more cash ) I’ve turned to the dark facet and bought something massive and fancy. Hi everyone, sorry for reviving this thread, but it seems essentially the most acceptable place to let you all know that my Lada (the anti-vibration/noise project) is up on the market. That’s all gone now (or at-least isn’t any worse or more noticeable than my other automobiles.). So I’d guess that holding the TC flat with 4 mounts probably cancels many of the benefit of CV prop shafts . With the UJ prop shafts, the TC should be completely horizontal to keep up equal angles for the opposing UJs.

In the identical means we press on the bearing of the rear axle drive shaft, the rear bearing of the intermediate shaft, the entrance and rear bearings of the drive shaft. The remaining nuts of this cover had been eliminated when removing the drive shaft entrance bearing cowl, entrance axle drive housing and gear lever bracket. The pinion axle is installed in the holes of the differential housing, which is held by two retaining rings. Sometimes you’ll find a misconception about why you want a small handle next to the shift lever on the Niva. Some automobile house owners imagine that it is wanted to attach the front-wheel drive.

Breakage happens due to the drying out of the weather; to remove it, you’ll have to renew the lubricant with the help of a syringe. If the re-injection didn’t help, then you’ll have to substitute the whole part. The differential is unlocked when the “lowering” is off. In this case, the torque is distributed in a ratio of one to two. The distributor VAZ 2121 is designed to accurately distribute torque on the axle of an SUV and increase its value on the output. As for congenital and purchased sores, in our native country they have lengthy and fairly efficiently learned to deal with them even in probably the most common car service.

Increase torque on the drive wheels with the inclusion of decreased transmission. Each respectable SUV should have a dispensing field in the design. VAZ 2121 Niva, as a decent SUV, additionally has an RK on board, however not all owners are used accurately, however we don’t converse about the system. To a minimal of dispel a halo of mysteriousness on the distribution, we tried to explain its device and features of operation.

Of course, over the years, the mannequin has turn out to be significantly outdated. This is a extra modernized automobile with a nice appearance and no much less good traits patency. Everything is straightforward – the distributor is put in on the Chevrolet Niva. Its structure, precept and modes of operation – further in our article. It is because of this that car owners install a third help, which dampens the vibrations of the switch case.