The personal information risk in the age of big data

Firstly, the information collection of controller exist a certain of risk. On the one hand, the data operator’s information collection is not communicated to the user in a clearly identifiable manner. At the beginning of 2018, the data analysis published by the multi-platform in the form of annual summary related to the question of whether the collection of user bill payment information and music preference information was fully informed. On the other hand, the social platform does not provide a way to delete our data information, nor does it provide the necessary and minimum information retention time limit. Once these network data are released on the web platform, it is difficult to obtain opportunities for seeking relief.

Secondly, our personal information are revealed by reselling. By combing the typical judicial cases of the highest-level inspection, the subject of citizen’s personal information involves special subjects and general subjects. The main ways of revealing personal information include: the staff of state organs obtain and resell personal information from the public service system; the network operator or the service industry operator reveals the personal information; and the general body implants malicious programs and illegal access to personal information by means of hacking or by exploiting technical loopholes in the network platform. In recent years, the illegal trading of citizenship information has been repeatedly prohibited. The information content of the transaction mainly includes user registration and identity, account and activity information of daily life. The source of transaction information also involves communication social, e-commerce, express delivery services and other industries. It shows us obvious broadness.

Finally, the related crimes are implemented by means of illegal acquire personal information. With the rapid development of information technology, the degree of informatization continues to increase, and the way of stealing personal information is more difficult to prevent. Crimes related to network information, including the crime of infringing citizens’ personal information and other related crimes. The disclosure of data information may not only infringe the personal rights of citizens, privacy rights, etc., but also directly or indirectly infringe on national security and social public safety. Especially when it involves data information in key industries, the degree of legal infringement will be more serious and the scope of violation will be more extensive.

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