“Life lies in movement” is a celebrated dictum saying by the French thinker- Voltaire. The word breaks the mystery of life and reveals a law of life activities. Appropriate activities to maintain mental and physical coordination are essential factors for prevention and elimination of fatigue. Physical exercise is especially important for middle-aged and elderly people. Middle-aged and elderly people are quiet and do not move, prefer to live quietly, which is a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Fitness can be divided into two types, one is aerobic exercise, the other is anaerobic exercise, aerobic is general jogging, yoga, dance, spinning and other sports, aerobic exercise is good for heart, lung function and the burning of fat, while the anaerobic exercise mainly refers to the strength training, which is to increase the strength, volume and endurance of the muscle under a high load state by instruments.

Aerobic and anaerobic should be combined, so you can focus on aerobic exercise and then modify your body with strength training. The muscle-enhancing powder does not need to eat albumen powder, but the protein necessary for the body needs to be supplemented. The idea of diet is basically low-calorie and high-protein. Pay attention to the intake of vitamins and dietary fiber.

Running can reduce the risk of blood clots and exercise your 50% of the lungs that are often idle and can also boost your immunity by increasing your lymphocytes.

Running can not only burn fat, but if you exercise correctly, you can also shape your body.

The bones are in harmony with the body’s needs, and sitting in front of the displayer for a long time makes the bones become more and more vulnerable. Regular running has become a doctor’s treatment recommendation for those who are prone to an early stage of osteoporosis, diabetes, and hypertension. Long-term and regular exercise keeps the bones healthy. Furthermore, it is to prevent the internal aging of your body faster.

The importance of physical exercise is insist and moderate. Never three days fishing and two days drying nets, but it should be used as a compulsory course in a day’s life. The best time for physical exercise is after getting up in the morning, if the weather is cold in the winter, it can be changed in the evening. Only when you are healthy can you get happiness and work hardly.

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