1. Improve your memory.

Through exercise, you can gradually improve your thinking ability, and have obvious improvement for some memories, reactions, and imaginations. They have a good effect on the level of human intelligence.

  1. Relieve stress.

The biggest problem for modern people is the various pressures in work and life. These pressures will make us look tired. Whether it is psychological or physical, we will be tired, and exercise can effectively remove the fatigue on us. Let us Release the pressure and restore your mood.

  1. Increase the reaction rate.

Exercise can improve the regulation function of the nervous system, improve the ability of the nervous system to judge the intricate changes of human activities, and make timely, coordinated, accurate and rapid responses; adapt the human body to the changes of the internal and external environment, and quickly respond to the surrounding environment.

  1. Optimistic and cheerful.

People who exercise regularly can reduce anxiety reactions. Therefore, for people who are in a low mood for a long time, regular exercise can cultivate their optimistic and cheerful personality, which makes people easier to get along with.

The best time for exercise every day

The year is in spring, and the day is in the morning. So early morning is a good exercise time. Especially for office workers who don’t have enough time, they can only exercise in the morning or evening every day.

However, from a scientific point of view, in the early morning, green plants inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. They do it by breathing, so the air quality is not high. After the sun came out, the green plants began to do photosynthesis, so at around 10 o’clock, the air was filled with oxygen. At this time, the air quality was the best, and the oxygen content in the air was relatively high. And the human body is also more excited, this time the most suitable for sports.

How long we should excercise a day?

Although sport is good for us, but should not greedy, it must be determined according to its own situation. Normally, we exercise every day, and it is best to stick to 30 to 60 minutes. Because if the time is too short, the body can not get enough exercise, there is no way to achieve the effect of losing weight, exercise time is too long, people are prone to fatigue, and even injured. Therefore, we need to do our best when doing sports.

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