PHP Development Technology

The third, we have to learn about Object-oriented, PDO, Smarty, ThinkPHP framework, Yii framework, DedeCMS Click Here For More.

The framework capability of handwritten PHP project is realized by using OOP idea and MVC design. It can realize the mainstream functions of dynamic website, such as infinite pole classification, page data retrieval, online editor, verification code, paging, content collection. Thin kPHP, a popular framework for front-line enterprises, is used for rapid project development. It can realize RBAC permission management function, code management, front-end and back-end interaction, multi-table connection, data analysis, polling technology and website optimization technology commonly used in mainstream and background. And can integrate jQuery Mobile, PC and mobile terminals are many. Click Here For More. After learning, they have the ability to build large and medium-sized mainstream websites.

Advanced Development Technology of PHP

The fourth, deeply master about Interface Technology, Chinese Search Engine, NoSQL Technology Click Here For More.

It can independently develop android interface in the background of android developers (custom menu, message management, web development, material management), Samsung pay interface (payment API, marketing API, store API, commodity API, marketing API, service API, life payment API), can build non relational NoSQL database, handle website high load, Big data access.

Enterprise Development Technology

The fifth, basically grasp about Web security foundation, Click Here For More. Linux Operating System, Composter & Git, PHPUnit, Nginx, MySQL Advanced

To master the key points of knowledge such as SQL injection, verification code setting and refresh submission, so that students can not only build websites, but also protect websites against DOS attacks, cross-end attacks, etc. At this stage, they also master the configuration and installation of Nginx, which is five times better than the performance of websites after development, and master the advanced MySQL technology.