Educational justices

In the 239 years since the founding of the United States was announced on July 4, 1776, the United States has been faithful to the ideals of justice, equivalence and freedom on which the founders of the United States founded their country, and has tirelessly pursued the goal of equality in human life.

“Guarantee equal opportunities for education, improve the quality of education” these two sentences, as the motto of the United States Department of Education embedded in the marble walls of the headquarters of the Department of Education, as an educational concept has been unpopular.Click Here For More.

The President of the United States attaches great importance to education fairness and equality of opportunity, putting education at the top of the list. There are comparatively sound educational legal systems in the United States such as the National Defense Education Act, the Natural Education Act, the Adult Education Act and so on. In addition, there are some education laws aiming at one aspect. The central content of these laws is to promote fairness and equal opportunity in education not only in primary and secondary schools but also in universities.

Humanistic training

American families attach great importance to the cultivation of children’s humanistic and humanistic qualities. In the nineteenth century, the United States had once studied the principles of Humboldt University in Germany.

To this day, Humboldt University has placed the cultivation of science and Humanities in a very important position. Therefore, even if a group is a religionist, it is not enough to have the academic degree of religion only, but also the conscience of the society. It must also have humanistic and humanistic qualities.