Straight wrinkle welded pipe, where the production of straight wrinkle welded pipe, hot advancement pipe, etc., with strip steel as rough material for age, the pipe gotten by straight wrinkle welding on welding equipment is called straight wrinkle welded pipe. (Since the welded piece of the steel pipe is in a straight line, it is named).

Among them, according to different uses, and particular after creation structures, (altogether can be parceled into system tubes, fluid chambers, wire lodgings, segment tubes, guardrail tubes, thus on.)galvannealed steel sheet providers. Straight wrinkle welded pipe standard GB/T3091-2008 and low weight fluid welded pipe is a kind of straight wrinkle welded pipe. Generally, water and gas are shipped. galvanized steel pipes

Essential creation process portrayal of colossal separation crosswise over straight wrinkle welded pipe

Guideline age process depiction of colossal width straight wrinkle welded pipe

In the wake of welding, more water weight test is finished than typical welded pipe. The back and forth movement low weight fluid pipe is more straight than standard straight wrinkle. The expense of welded pipe is to some degree higher (as shown by the present market esteem, it is around 80 yuan higher).

Guideline age process depiction of colossal width straight wrinkle welded pipe:

1.Board assessment: After the steel plate used to create the huge estimation submerged roundabout portion welded straight wrinkle steel pipe enters the age line, the whole board ultrasonic survey is first finished;

2.X-shaft examination I: 100% X-bar mechanical TV evaluation of internal and outside welds, using picture planning structure to ensure the affectability of deformity acknowledgment;

3.Pre-contort: use the pre-bowing machine to pre-curve the edge of the board with the objective that the edge of the board has the required twist;

4.Outer welding: welding by longitudinal multi-wire submerged twist welding ostensibly of straight wrinkle submerged roundabout fragment welded steel pipe;

5.Growing width: Expanding the full length of the submerged bend welded straight wrinkle steel pipe to improve the dimensional precision of the steel pipe and improve the assignment of stress in the steel pipe;

6.Processing edge: twofold sided handling the two edges of the steel plate by the edge preparing machine to achieve the required plate width, parallelism of the edge and the condition of the downturn;

7.Ultrasonic assessment I: 100% survey of the internal and outer welds of straight wrinkle welded steel pipes and the base metal on the different sides of the weld;

8.Hostile to utilization and covering: The guaranteed steel pipe is protected and secured by customer essentials;

9.Embellishment: First, half of the pre-bowed steel plate is wandered and ventured on the JCO trim machine, pressed into a “J” shape, and after that the other bit of the steel plate is also bent, crushed into a “C” shape, finally an opening is confined. “O” shape Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

10.Pre-welding: joints of straight wrinkle welded steel pipes in the wake of encircling and consistent welding by gas ensured welding (MAG);

11.Water driven test: On the water driven testing machine, the steel pipe after the separation crosswise over expansion is attempted independently to ensure that the steel pipe meets the test weight required by the standard. The machine has customized recording and limit limits;

12.Chamfering: The steel pipe ensuing to passing the evaluation will be set up at the pipe end to achieve the required pipe end sorrow size;

13.Ultrasonic survey II: Ultrasonic examination is finished again and again to check for distortions that may occur in the wake of fixing and water weight of straight wrinkle welded steel pipes;