Upgrading sales and cross-selling

Even if you do not buy on the product page you browse, Amazon will try to “make sure you buy something”. so they expand the page length through a series of impressive upgrades to sales and cross-selling modules to promote your desire for buying.Click Here For More.

Upgrading sales is when the consumers are persuaded to buy a product that is more valuable than the product they originally chose, namely “upgrade”. The newly selected product has similar uses as the original product, but it will have more functions, so the price will be higher.

Business (sellers) can cater to consumers’ emotional and practical needs by pushing more comprehensive but more expensive products to the consumers. Even if each customer spends only a little more than what they originally planned (if the product is really good, the consumers can easily be persuaded to buy it), it will be an important additional source of profit, which will accumulate once a large number of customers buy it.


In general, the success of Amazon’s digital marketing is inseparable from the concept of user experience as the center. Through clever marketing decision, its service looks more valuable than its competitors. These psychological skills are largely harmless and can be used by any company to improve conversion efficiency and optimize conversion efficiency.