People dissatisfied with the education, where is it mainly reflected? It is nothing more than a problem with the children, that is, the current students are brittle and have poor anti-frustration ability; they only know how to do the homework, the creativity and the ability to solve practical problems is poor; the selfishness, the lack of solidarity and cooperation, and so on. In the final analysis, these are still a question how to be a human.

Parents are the first teacher of their child, also the most important teacher, but in the current, the Chinese parents are seriously lacking in this respect. What is tutor? It is the parent’s words and deeds to the child, often reflected in non-intellectual factors. For example, gratitude, respect for others, basic rules, etc., is to make the child a qualified social person. What kind of person a child becomes, to some extent, depends first on the parents.

But unfortunately, parents have hardly paid much attention to this, let alone the correct educational philosophy and talent concept. When it comes to tutoring, it becomes a matter of spending money to ask the teacher to teach cultural classes, not the parents’ physical practice. Chinese parents are very willing to spend money on their children’s education, but forget their responsibility and dedication. What’s more, some dignitaries and wealthy people use money to change their responsibilities. When children are very young, they spend huge sums of money to let their children go abroad to study abroad. On the surface, they contribute to their children. In fact, they are irresponsible.

Once a child has a problem, we often accuse the school, society, and not reflect on ourselves. When we complain about exam-oriented education, do we reflect on ourselves as an active promoter? Do you force your child to report a lot of remedial classes? When we accuse the society of disorder, do we give our children an example? If you are not engaged in specialized research, most of the knowledge you have learned at school will be forgotten, but collaboration, gratitude, creativity, imagination, endurance, ability to reflect, etc. will eventually precipitate, and in these aspects of education, Parents can and should play a bigger role.

The education system and philosophy in the United States are not perfect. In the United States, because of the educational philosophy, parents are not satisfied, and about 2.6 million students are studying at home. Of the top 10 universities in the United States, 7% are from such students. Parents are making adjustments with their own strength and correcting their dissatisfaction with American education.

No one education system or philosophy is perfect in the world, people think there are many problems in the Chinese education, the government is trying to resolve this problem. American education has the advanced things and deserve us to study, but at the same time, the Chinese parents should first make up their efforts in the respect of parental teaching; the educational reform should be started from the parental teaching, let them understand their responsibility and really know how to lead their children to be an useful person.

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