According to Reuters, Mayra Arevich, president of Cuba’s National Telecom Corporation (ETECSA), said on television that Cubans could buy mobile 3G services from the 6th. So far, Cubans have only been able to access government e-mail accounts on their mobile phones.Click Here For More.

In 2013, the Cuban government opened state-owned Internet cafes, and two years later, it launched Wi-Fi. In 2017, Cuba allowed the installation of home broadband, and hundreds of public Wi-Fi connections were opened in parks and squares across the country.

Guillermo Diaz, 38, often travels to parks near his home to use Wi-Fi and family videos in the United States, making 3G a “great thing” for him.

Joaquin Montiel, a 58-year-old Havana resident, said in an interview, “For many ordinary people, like me, it is still out of reach for 3G service.” Joaquin Montiel works as a salesman in a state-owned company with a monthly salary of less than $20 (140 yuan).