As the cost of photovoltaic power stations keeps on diminishing, how to improve the arrival on venture of Pre excited z segment steel power plants has turned into a worry of all power station engineers, and the refined structure of intensity stations has steadily been put on the motivation. As of late, z Purlin suppliers there have been numerous articles on the even and vertical course of action of photovoltaic modules. We have talked about the flat and vertical game plan of parts around the issues that everybody thinks about.

What are the level and vertical lines of parts?

As the name suggests, the flat line of parts implies that when the segment is mounted on the section, the long side is parallel toward the east-west course, and the vertical line of the segment implies that the short side is parallel toward the east-west heading when the segment is mounted on the section.

The flat column of parts is more than the vertical line to possess the ground and the section?

1, flat push vertical column region correlation

The segments line up in a similar vertical line. Allows first talk about land occupation. A few people say that the flat line of parts is more than the vertical column. How about we study that the segment possesses the ground in a specific tendency condition. The first push segments don’t obstruct the back line (for the most part as indicated by the winter solstice sun 9: 00-15:00 The first line doesn’t hinder the back column). At that point, as long as the part limit is steady, the tendency edge is consistent, and the level line of the segments is as much as the vertical column, which can be determined by utilizing a straightforward parallelogram. After the purported parts are on a level plane organized, the sections become higher and the exhibit dividing is expanded. This is just a halfway visual procedure, and the real occupation is nearly the equivalent.

We take the 30° tendency edge, 3.0 shadow amplification, 40 parts with a size of 1650*992, and the segments and segments are isolated by 0.01 meters for instance. The even column of the parts is 4 squares in the north-south course and 10 squares in the east-west bearing. The vertical line of the parts is 2 squares in the north-south heading and 20 squares in the east-west course.

2, the measure of steel utilized in level line of vertical sections

The measure of steel utilized for the section is hypothetically the equivalent. The section is a structure that fixes the part on the upper side and supports the segment’s very own weight, wind and snow load, and so forth. Under the condition that the breeze and snow load in a similar territory is fixed and the tendency point of the segments is the equivalent, the quantity of segments upheld by the section is sure, and the measure of steel utilized for the section is the equivalent. In the real structure, the four lines of parts in the get together require 5 pillars, and the measure of steel utilized in the level line might be marginally more, yet the measure of the purlins in the north and south bearings will be less. After advancement by certain specialists in the plan establishment, the parts are on a level plane and vertically organized in pragmatic applications. The measure of steel utilized is nearly the equivalent.

3, level column vertical establishment trouble

Flat establishment is marginally increasingly troublesome. After the parts are on a level plane adjusted, the stature of the sections is typically somewhat higher than the vertical line, and it is hard to introduce four columns of segments in the north-south bearing. Be that as it may, with the advancement of the photovoltaic business as of late, the segment establishment group has turned out to be increasingly experienced, and different segment mounting helper systems have been created, which can adjust to different section statures and structures. The trouble of section establishment isn’t thwarting the advancement of parts. Limitations.

The expense of segment establishment represents about 1% of the all out venture of photovoltaic power plants. Regardless of whether the flat column is 10% higher than the vertical establishment cost, it will just build one-tenth of the cost, which is in any event one request for extent contrasted with the expansion in power age.

4, even and vertical shrouded pay

(1) Reduction of the measure of photovoltaic exceptional link

What’s more, the segments can be introduced in 2 lines in 4 lines. After the U-molded string of photovoltaic uncommon link, the DC side is progressively thought. The link of each string can be finished by utilizing the positive and negative wires. 1×4mm2 The link utilization will diminish and the line misfortune will diminish as needs be. At the point when the parts are vertically orchestrated, two extra links should be associated with the combiner box, the measure of links is expanded, and the line misfortune is additionally expanded.

(2) The exhibit dispersing is expanded and the activity is advantageous

Above we discussed the expansion in the level line of sections, the trouble of establishment is marginally expanded, and now its focal points are reflected. In territories with little scopes or little section edges, we will find that the cluster separating is little, and a marginally bigger vehicle is hard to pass when the segments are cleaned. What’s more, in power plants joined with different structures, for example, photovoltaics and agribusiness, the exhibit separating is little, and it is badly arranged in farming tasks or different activities.

Under a similar shadow amplification condition, the higher the section, the bigger the cluster separating, the higher the section in the level column, the correspondingly the exhibit dispersing, and the dividing can be applied.