Will the galvanized steel pipe rust? The galvanized steel pipe will actually rust, but the galvanized layer is first oxidized to protect the steel pipe from rust and its service life is longer. The chrome-plated chrome layer does not react with oxygen, carbon dioxide or water in the air under natural conditions, cold rolled hot dipped galvanized steel coil, nor is it corroded by weak acids or alkalis. The rust-preventing effect is of course better. If the galvanized layer is thick enough, it will not rust according to the theory, because the surface of the steel pipe is covered with a layer of metal zinc and is isolated from the air, so the steel pipe will not rust. The problem is controversial. Let’s look at the answer from the galvanized steel pipe manufacturers.

Will the galvanized square tube rust?

First, it will only be a matter of time. Because galvanized steel pipes have galvanized layers, they are superior to ordinary welded steel pipes. They also have good strength, toughness, and other process properties. The surface has gloss and makes them more versatile. The use of greenhouse construction, wire casing, water and gas transportation, etc., generally the service life of galvanized steel pipe depends on the application field.

Second, as to whether the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe will rust, then Xiaobian tells you that it will rust, even stainless steel will rust, just the length of time, which is also related to the installation environment, if the environment Wet, long time rain, slowly galvanized steel pipe will appear oxidation, spots, will be corroded and rusted, if you want to last longer, keep it dry, try to choose indoor construction, so the term of use It’s about 5-10 years or more (but not some of the inferior products on the market).

Does galvanized steel pipe need to be painted with antirust paint?

After the steel pipe is galvanized, the surface is covered with a layer of zinc coating, which separates the steel pipe from the atmosphere, avoiding the direct contact and corrosion of the steel to the atmosphere and is protected. The coating of zinc on the surface of the steel pipe, due to the strong chemical activity of zinc, forms a thin and dense layer of zinc carbonate in the air at normal temperature, and the zinc itself will not continue to be oxidized.

Therefore, the galvanized pipe, whether it is the surface layer of zinc or the steel pipe itself, is protected from rust and does not need to be painted with anti-rust paint. Only when the galvanized layer is destroyed (such as steel pipe welding, coating burnt at the joint), the steel pipe is exposed to the air and loses the protection of the galvanized layer. At this time, it is necessary to make up the anti-rust paint.

Galvanized steel pipe galvanized layer has anti-rust function, and the general installation method is threaded connection, usually no need to brush anti-rust paint, unless the use of unconventional process connection, such as welding, you need to damage the galvanized layer The part of the brush is anti-rust paint. It depends on how galvanizing is a plating method. If only the soldering port is plated, then you have to paint all of them. If it is galvanized inside or outside, you can use it.

Will the galvanized steel pipe rust? This problem is believed to be clear. The galvanized steel pipe will also rust, but there are several factors that make the galvanized steel pipe last longer than the ordinary welded steel pipe. The use of galvanized steel pipe The field and galvanized layer are the main reasons why galvanized steel pipes can last.