Downhill Ski

Cliff rapid descent, under the guidance and protection of the coach, using a variety of professional mountaineering equipment, by the coach on-site guidance equipment use and technical action, flying over the natural steep wall, using ropes from the top of the rock wall to the ground.Click Here For More.


Camping and picnicking in the field. Click Here For More. Learn all kinds of field life skills. In the natural environment, the relationship between people becomes close and harmonious. Camping is a kind of leisure activity. Usually the campers take tents with them, leave the city and camp in the wild for one or more nights. Camping is usually associated with other activities, such as hiking, fishing or swimming.

Roller Skating

Roller skating, as a new outdoor recreation (Outdoor sport), is suitable for men, women, old and young. It is becoming the first choice of public outdoor leisure sports. Also well known as roller skating, is wearing the roller skates with roller wheels (two rear wheels and two front wheels) on the hard ground sliding movement. The most of roller skaters today use inline wheels’ roller skates also called inline skates.