Most of people don’t know the south of Italy for a long time, there is an opportunity that we can visit there before a large number of people entry. Italy on the map is like an arch between Puglia and Calabria. Although this area has a long history and fill of legend, people never take notice of it in modern times. It maybe one of the best-keep secret for Italy. Brazil is praised for its beautiful beach, ancient cities and almost no criminal problems. There is elected as European Capital of Culture in 2019. There’s old grottoes is also famous, these old grottoes were used for raising livestock and served as shanty dwellings later, now some of them has been the private residence or fashionable hotels in the cave. But not many people know this secret.


Hurricane “Emma” and “Maria” attacked the Caribbean in 2017, causing severe damage to several islands, including Dominica, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin and the US Virgin Islands. More than 70% of the area, which is highly dependent on tourism, has not been affected. Hotel operators and travel agencies on each island are uniting to help their neighbors. They want to pass on a message: a family’s business, meaning the survival of all.

The resilience of some islands damaged by the storm is strong, this condition was evidenced by the recovery of cruise routes. St. Maarten Rockland Estate Eco-Park Rainforest Adventures pushed out a strop line to Saint Martin. In Anguilla, Quintessence Hotel will open ,although some of Puerto Rico are still affected by it.


Lucerne, the medieval city is crowded with sightseeing buses, but the city is bordered by the Great Lakes (called “Lake Lucerne” by tourists, and the locals call it Vierwaldstättersee. The new construction around the site promises to reduce the stream of people so that people can experience the authentic Swiss Alps. Visitors who spend the night in winter will automatically receive a William Tell Pass for local buses, trains and cable cars, including the newly opened Switzerland’s steepest funicular Stoosbahnen, takes visitors to the family-friendly Stoos, a scenic resort in the Alps. There is a newly opened ladybug-themed trail, the cheese market, and the Alpine features’s concert. The opposite of the Lake Lucerne is the newly opened $550 million Bürgenstock. This modern resort with four restaurants offers spectacular views of the Alps and an Spa area of 10,000 square feet.

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