1. French

Paris posses so many famous universities, the French university devide into HEC and ENIM normally, is the typical elite education.

French is different from UK, they keep the technology advantages through the country’s high investment. There are more than 50 Nobel winners and more than 10 Fields winners. In the 20 scientific research fields, French is top the list. Although he romantic Frenches are seemed lazier than Japanese and German, they have more spirit of innovation and advanture. French has the obvious advantage in the aspects of aerospace, energy, material sciences and space technology.

In the long history, the country has also cultivated many famous writers and thinkers who have far-reaching influence on human development.

  1. Germany

Refer to germany, we always think of Germany-based machine tool, precision mechinary and thier spirit of meticulosity. Up to today, Germany has winned more than 70 Nobel prizes, and has exeeded French and Japan.

Scientific research is actually a physical activity (although the spirit of innovation is very important), and it is boring. An experiment may have to be repeated a thousand times. It may take days and nights to find a mistake, even if all you think is correct, a small mistake is enough to stop the pace of scientific research. The quality of the Germans has an advantage in this respect. Like France, German universities are ranked by profession rather than by school. Every school has a profession that it is good at.

German technology comes from German education and is also derived from German manufacturing.

  1. Finland

Except for Nokia, in the 20 key technology fields, Finland occupies 17, although it is a small country with just over 5 million people. For example, refer to computer science, we know windows, but the people who are computer specialty must know linux. The educational and technology level occupy the frond rank of the world from beginning to ending.

Finland is a highly developed capitalist country and a highly liberalized market economy. Finland is one of the EU member states, but per capita output is much higher than the EU average, comparable to its neighbor Sweden.

The report of The United States Department of Defense points that Finland is the world’s largest country to transfer high-tech technology to China. According to the information released by China, Finland is China’s second largest technology transferer in Northern Europe.

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