The topography of Xiamen is dominated by coastal plains, terraces and hills. The terrain of Xiamen is inclined from the northwest to the southeast. The topography of the terrain is diverse, including middle mountains, low mountains, high hills, low hills, terraces, plains, and tidal flats. There are many middle and low mountains in the northwest, is the highest mountain in the city. From the northwest to the southeast, there are high hills, low hills, terraces, sea plains and tidal flats, Xiamen Island and Gulangyu Island in the south. Yunding Mountain is the highest peak in Xiamen, and Sunlight Rock is the highest peak in Gulangyu.

Xiamen belongs to the subtropical maritime monsoon climate. It is mild and rainy. The annual average temperature is around 21℃. There is no cold in winter and no heat in summer. The annual average rainfall is about 1200mm. The annual rainfall is most from May to August, and the wind is generally 3 to 4 grade, and the dominant wind is the northeast wind.

Almost every younger has a literature dream about Gulangyu Island, It is like if you didn’t play with a cat on Gulangyu in your lifetime and never lived in an inn there, and the piece of literary part in your life is deficient.


Sanya is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, located at the southernmost of Hainan Island. The total land area of Sanya City is 1919.58 square kilometers, and the total area of the sea area is 6000 square kilometers. It is 91.6 kilometers long from east to west and 51 kilometers wide from north to south. It has four districts under its jurisdiction.  Sanya is an international tourist city with a tropical coastal landscape and is also known as ”Oriental Hawaii”. On June 14, 2016, the Sanya Liquable Index ranked third among the 40 cities in the country. In September 2016, Sanya was selected as one of the top 100 citizens in China. In February 2017, Sanya was selected as one of the third batch of national low-carbon cities. Sanya was also selected as one of the top 200 cities with charm of Chinese characteristics and top 200 of a city with world characteristics. In 2017, the total production value of Sanya City was 52.925 billion yuan. The comprehensive Xiaokang index of China’s prefecture-level city ranked 50th.

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