Many of the Qinghai tourists think Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake and Ta’er Lamasery are the best famous attractions, although these places are all beautiful, but they cannot present all the beauties of Qinghai. Yushu, a state of Qinghai, has a world heritage, it is Hoh Xil. Although we often hear this place, the people who come to here are not many, because here is no man’s land and is not everyone can come here.Click Here For More.

Hoh Xil is one of the biggest natural reserves, the whole area reached 4.5 million ha,Click Here For More. located in the junction of Qinghai, Xizang and Xinjiang. It was listed the world natural heritage in 2017, less than a year ago, it can be said to be the youngest world heritage in China. The Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve in Qinghai is one of the largest no-man’s land areas in China. Due to the sinister nature of its natural environment, it has an unique natural landscape. In particular, the Tibetan antelope and related environmental protection issues have attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Still regarded as a paradise for explorers and examiners. The experimental area divided by the buffer zone can enter the sightseeing tour, and visitors can choose to travel through Hoh Xil by self-driving tour.