The Bermuda Triangle is located between the Bermuda Islands on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Florida Strait and the island of Puerto Rico at the eastern end of the Greater Antilles. It is mainly controlled by tropical air masses throughout the year, check here prevailing in the northeast trade winds. In summer and autumn, there are many tropical hurricanes. It often forms a water wall of more than 10 meters high. It can often encounter sea dragon rolls and can suck the seawater to a height of several kilometers.

The first person in human history who has experienced the Bermuda Triangle is the world’s famous navigator Columbus. In 1502, Columbus led the ocean fleet for the fourth time to sail to the Americas. When the fleet approached Bermuda, the wind suddenly burst, and the ship seemed to sail between the canyons, barely seeing the sky. Columbus, who had a wealth of sailing experience, rushed to turn the course and headed for the Florida coast to avoid this fierce storm. What surprised Columbus was that all the navigation instruments on the ship failed at all, and the helmsman and sailors were dizzy and unable to distinguish the direction. Even if they were lucky, the fleet eventually got rid of the danger from the vast fluctuation. After the inspection, the direction of the magnetic compass on the ship has deviated from the north to the northwest by 36°. Columbus still smarting from this dangerous experience, he write to the queen. In the letter, he described this thrilling risk, but because his experience is can be explain, at that time, it cannot attract people’s attention.check here

The earliest record of the mysterious disappearance of ships and seafarers in the Bermuda Triangle was in 1840. At that time, a ship sailing from France, Rosari, carried a large number of perfumes and wines, but when it traveled to Cuba, it lost contact. A few weeks later,check here  the Navy discovered the ” Rosary” in the Bermuda Triangle. The ship had no signs of damage. There was no one on the ship, and all the crews seemed to be evaporated. However, the goods in the cargo hold are intact and the fruit is still fresh. However, why the sailors on the ship are all missing, no one can answer this problem, the only surviving creature on board is a half-dead canary. No one knows what happened on the ship. Since then, similar disappearances have occurred frequently in the Bermuda Triangle.

In 1950, EVW Jones first mentioned the disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle. As the lace news of the Associated Press cable service, it was about the recent disappearance of ships. Jones reported the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes in the area. The incident was attributed to the “Devil Triangle”. Later, the author George X. Sand also reported the incident in 1952, outlining several incredible fleet disappearances incidents, published in Fate magazine, but the word of “Bermuda Triangle” was not used until 1964 by Vincent Gaddis in an article for the first time, published in the Great Merchant Fleet magazine.