Indonesia – Expanding the specialty products in the Chinese market

As one of the host guests of the first China International Import Expo, Indonesia has always attached great importance to the exhibition. According to Wang Liping, Minister Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office in Indonesia, the Indonesian government and enterprises are full of expectations for exploring the Chinese market and increasing exports to China through the Expo. The Indonesian government has organized delegations of more than 100 people, including Indonesian Maritime Coordinating Minister Luhut and Trade Minister Luqita.

Adinda, Director-General of the Export Promotion Directorate, said: “The Expo is a good opportunity to promote Indonesia’s exports to China and reduce Indonesia’s trade deficit with China. The Indonesian government is full of expectations for this Expo and encourages companies to be active.”

Indonesian Ministry of Industry officials said that Indonesian products have great potential for export to China. “The Expo is different from other exhibitions. With the theme of Chinese imports, Indonesian enterprises will be provided with more opportunities to export goods and services to China.”

In terms of enterprises, there are about 40 Indonesian companies that have entered the booth of the Expo, with a total exhibition space of more than 900 square meters. Among them, 32 companies are organized by the Indonesian organization and exhibition organization, the largest local business association organization, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Well-known exhibitors include Jinguang, Baijiashi, Fengyi International, Huoyou Coffee, Jinfeng, etc. The exhibits cover Indonesian premium products such as palm oil, coffee, bird’s nest, tropical fruits, desserts and jewelry.

As the representative of the exhibiting company, Zhang Jinxiong, the president of Indonesian Baijiashi Group and the executive vice president of the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that the Expo is a pioneering work in the history of international trade and a major contribution of China to improving the current international trading system and order. It is a vivid embodiment of China’s development strength and national confidence.

“China has undergone earth-shaking changes since the reform and opening up. No matter how the economic aggregate growth, infrastructure construction, urbanization development, and people’s living standards have improved, all made great progress. In this process, the Chinese market is becoming more and more open. China-Indonesia economic and trade cooperation is getting closer and closer.” Zhang Jinxiong said that the Expo is a good opportunity for Indonesia and China, as well as the world and China to deepen mutual understanding.

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