Educational function, that is the function of educational activities, is the question of “what education does.” The functions of education can be roughly divided into: individual development function and social development function. The individual development function of education can be divided into two aspects: the individual socialization function of education and the individual individualization function. The fields of social activities mainly include economic, political and cultural aspects. Therefore, the social development function of education can be divided into economic functions, political functions and cultural functions of education.

The main functions of education are:

(1) The primary function of education is to promote individual development, including the socialization and individualization of individuals;

(2) The most basic function of education is to influence the changes in the social talent system and economic development. The economic functions of modern education emphasizes: providing a good background for the sustained and stable development of the economy; improving the potential labor capacity of the educated; and forming attitudes and behaviors that adapt to modern economic life;

(3) The social function of education is to train talents for the development of the country and serve the political and economic development of the country.

(4) The most far-reaching function of education is to influence cultural development. Education must not only convey culture, but also meet the requirements of the continuation and renewal of culture itself.

The only characteristic of macro education is ” focusing on the quality and ability of people” , which indicates whether the identification of an activity is not the result of education. In reality, not all educational activities can achieve the desired results, and some even fail. Some activities, such as research activities and publicity activities, can affect people’s quality and ability, but they are not recognized as educational activities. When people take different positions and focus on the quality and ability of people, they can treat people’s qualities and abilities from both positive and negative aspects, and develop and strengthen certain qualities and abilities of people in the positive direction. And suppress certain qualities and abilities of people. The quality and ability of human beings are congenital and acquired. Innate, like other animals, is the long-term evolution of nature. The day after tomorrow is divided into two situations, one of which is inadvertently acquired by people, or is not deliberately accomplished; the other is that people deliberately create, macro education summarizes all activities deliberately on the quality and ability of people.

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