1. There are other fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, carrot, apple, etc., which may have some auxiliary hypoglycemic effects, but the specific curative effect depends on each individual’s situation and individual differences. Some doctors especially emphasize that they can’t eat sugary fruits or other foods. But if blood sugar control is OK, you can discuss with your specialists which foods can be eaten and which foods help, and which foods are not good. The disease progressed.
  2. Amaranth: It has good curative effect on hypertension, fundus hemorrhage, gum bleeding and nephritis edema. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that amaranth contains a considerable amount of acetylcholine, amaranth, potassium and other components, which have the effect of lowering blood pressure. Contains flavonoids and other effects of dilating coronary arteries. Therefore, leek is a health food for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease. Hypertension, fundus hemorrhage, dizziness and headache, you can use fresh leeks six grams to nine grams and decoction for tea.tinplate

  1. Buckwheat: The soba noodles contain niacin and vitamin P. These two ingredients are very rare in other foods. Niacin and vitamin P have the effect of lowering blood lipids and blood pressure, and also protecting blood vessels. They are good medicines for treating cardiovascular diseases. Buckwheat leaf smashed external application, can be used for hemostasis of traumatic bleeding. Buckwheat oysters and leaves contain a relatively large amount of vitamin P, which can be used as a food or boiled water to prevent cerebral hemorrhage caused by high blood pressure.