Improving Physiological and Psychological Status

Mountaineering can relax people’s psychological pressure, regulate people’s nervous mood, improve physical and psychological state, restore physical strength and energy, and make people energetically devote themselves to study and work. Mountaineering exercise can cultivate sentiment,Steel Sheet  maintain a healthy mentality, give full play to individual initiative, creativity and initiative, so as to improve self-confidence and values, and make personality in a harmonious atmosphere. In addition, it can cultivate people’s spirit of unity, cooperation and collectivism.

Good for muscles and bones

The effect of mountain climbing on muscles and bones. Scientists have found that after mountain climbing exercise, the number of red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood increases to 5-6 million, and 8.17 million per cubic millimeter in one or two weeks after downhill.check here


Owing to the increase of oxygen transport tools, it greatly improves the aerobic working ability of the human body, promotes muscle protein synthesis, and makes muscles strong and tough.


Weight Loss of Mountain Climbing

Frequent mountain climbing, increased energy consumption, increased demand for various nutrients, check here therefore, increased appetite, digestive system function to improve the absorption of nutrients also increased.


The ideal weight loss exercise for mountain climbing is low intensity, adequate oxygen supply, long duration and high total energy consumption. Mountain climbing is such a suitable exercise, so it has a unique weight loss effect.