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The accompanying leaflets are accessible for download:

Chamber and Membrane Filter Press SF
Hardened Steel Filter Press KFP/MFP
Tempered Steel Filter Press Model SF
SF Filter Sheets Brochure
Tempered Steel Filter Models

Because of our assorted skill in various regions, we can supply an altered, experienced and dependable framework that satisfies each unique need. All things considered, we are forever discontent with our items until the answer for our clients is clear.

As the innovation chief in the space of strong/fluid detachment, we and our specialists continually look to foster new advancements and to put our demonstrated advances to use in new areas of utilization and new business sectors. Indeed, we had the option to introduce a few new mechanical developments as of late:

• A shut profundity filtration framework that is mostly utilized in the drug business to fractionate blood plasma
• Completely programmed cross stream frameworks for the filtration of wine and squeezes for enormous wineries and cooperatives
• A heatable chamber channel press that joins the cycles filtration, washing of the channel cake, and drying in a solitary gadget. This strategy is utilized to create white shades, for instance Quality and top of the line workmanship require present day administration frameworks. Therefore, we presented a quality administration framework back in 1999. From that point forward, we have been examined for the adequacy and recognition of our principles in our QM framework on a yearly premise.

Both the multi-facet channel SF oDPC and the SF oDEC CLEAN
Framework are intended to satisfy the novel needs of the
drug industry. The plan was grown explicitly
to fulfill the high needs for cleanliness and immaculateness. These
can be utilized for an expansive range of uses, automatic filter press including
fractionating of blood plasma, gathering of proteins, and explaining
filtration of immunizations and anti-toxins. The channel plates are
fixed by encompassing O-ring seals on the channel plates and
the inside channel layers. This makes a 100 percent seal with next to no
spillages. The item along these lines doesn’t come into contact with
its environmental elements. The chance of performing CIP cleaning
furthermore SIP cleansing is likewise novel. The framework is accessible
with channel plates made of hardened steel or polypropylene.


The multi-facet channel SF oD (shut hood discretionary) is
planned particularly to satisfy even the most noteworthy needs
of the substance business. This plan was created
to satisfy the unique needs that relate to forceful
media and high temperatures. It tends to be utilized for a
expansive range of utilizations in strong fluid division,
counting filtration of surfactants, oils and impetuses,
and so forth
Fixing of the item diverts in the channel plates
happens by means of the channel layer. The plate bundle can
be shut by utilizing a hood to guarantee the most noteworthy security
indeed, even with outrageous temperatures and substances that
represent a danger of blast. It is likewise conceivable to prepare the
channel outlines with warming components to keep the temperature

The multi-facet channel SF B is planned particularly to meet the
requirements of the refreshment and food industry and can be utilized for
an expansive range of filtration errands, including filtration of wine
what’s more lager. Through the four-eye guideline of the channel plate, this
exemplary multi-facet channel accomplishes ideal stream and along these lines guarantees the
productive utilization of the channel sheets and remarkable
filtration results. A redirection chamber can be utilized to perform
multi-step filtration.
This framework can be utilized deftly because of the wide scope of
channel media that offer different isolating efficiencies. It is accessible
in various forms and different kinds of tempered steels.

Food Grade Filter Press
The chamber channel press KFP or film channel press MFP can be utilized to filtrate and deplete fluids that contain solids. Especially
great outcomes are accomplished with film plates that are equipped for applying extra inside strain on the channel
cake by creating compacted air. This is additionally of advantage in washing the cake.
The chamber or layer channel press is by and large utilized in
the refreshment and food industry to channel squeeze and wine delicately.
It is accessible in the accompanying variants:
• Outfitted with layer or chamber plates
• As a Clean System for an airtight fixed and
aseptic channel
• Along with customary wrap over fabrics

Multi Stage Filtration

Multi Stage Filtration
Because of our numerous long periods of involvement with the area of strong fluid partition and imaginative
thoughts as an innovation chief, we are fit for tracking down redid filtration arrangements in a
quality that suits the particular application.

The nature of the item is our most significant need with regards to filtration of drinks and food sources. Taste and delicate handling, and brightness and lucidity are firmly interrelated. Many years of involvement and top to bottom mastery make us an exceptionally gifted accomplice around here.
The Strassburger chamber channel press Clean System that has film plates is an all inclusive gadget for each extension stage with which the must and wine are separated. Here, the filtration is delicate that the fragrance and the personality of the wine are not impacted. Some notable wineries and shining wine makers from premium
quality developing districts depend on our innovation. With the Strassburger Micro-Cross framework, complete disinfection of the filtrate is accomplished with just a single filtration. No
other channel helps are required. This procedure can along these lines be viewed as a financially savvy and harmless to the ecosystem option in contrast to customary filtration methods.
For our clients who make lager, we offer kieselguhr filtration that utilizations plate and edge channel presses, just as sterile filtration as a sheet channel or a mix of the two.
With filtration of vinegar, the sterility of the cycle and in this manner the time span of usability of the item are critical. Here, we have accomplished the best outcomes and references with our Strassburger MicroCross framework.

Synthetic substances
Forceful media and high temperatures decide the guidelines for assembling and the workmanship of filtration frameworks. Our channel frameworks are utilized to deliver surfactants and specialized oils in the fine synthetic industry. The sheet channel that has no gaskets is a filtration framework that we created to satisfy the exceptional needs of the substance business. The plan is arranged toward fulfilling the high needs positioned on temperature security, yet in addition toward exceptionally chose materials because of forceful media.

The greatest levels of popularity for virtue, a plan that suits GMP, high surface quality and adaptability as far as filtration limit decide the guidelines in workmanship and assembling of filtration frameworks for the drug and biopharmaceutical enterprises. Miniature , ultra-and nanofiltration frameworks are utilized to filtrate protein arrangements. Sheet channels without gaskets are utilized to fractionate blood plasma, to think and fractionate compounds, for sterile filtration of immunizations and serums, and for diafiltration.