With the application and popularization of computers, computers have gradually become an indispensable tool for people to learn, work and live. At the same time, the price of computers is gradually declining, and many users are beginning to prepare to buy their own computers.

Fully considering the needs of users to choose a computer.

  1. Clear needs

Before you buy a computer, you must first determine the purpose of purchasing the computer and what the computer needs to do. Only by clarifying the purpose of your purchase can you establish a correct purchase plan.

(1) For business

For office computers, the main purpose is to process documents, send and receive E-mail, etc. The computers needed should be stable. In a business office, it is very important that the computer can run stably for a long time. It is recommended to configure a liquid crystal display to reduce the damage to the human body caused by long-term use of the computer.

(2) For home

In most family, the main function of using a computer is to browse news, handle simple texts, play some simple games, and watch online videos. This way, users do not have to configure high-performance computers, so choose a low-end computer that its configuration can meet the needs of users. Because the user does not run large software, I feel that the computer configured in this way is slow.

(3) For design

For such users, because of they need to deal with graphics color, brightness, and image processing workload, it is necessary to configure a computer with fast computing speed and high configuration, especially in CPU, memory, and graphics card. Also should be configured with CRT display so that achieve a better display.

(4) For entertainment

Most of the currently developed games use 3D animation effects, so such users have higher requirements on the overall performance of the computer, especially in terms of memory capacity, CPU processing power, graphics technology, display, and sound card.

2.To determine whether to buy a desktop or notebook

With the rapid development of microcomputer technology, the price of notebook computers is declining. Many customers who are about to purchase computers are considering whether to buy desktops or notebooks.

Desktop is not very convenient, for ordinary users or fixed office users, you can choose a desktop. The advantage of the notebook is that it is small in size and easy to carry. For users who are traveling frequently, they should purchase a notebook.

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