Straight crease welded pipe, where the creation of straight crease welded pipe, hot development pipe, and so on., with strip steel as crude material for generation, the pipe gotten by straight crease welding on welding hardware is called straight crease welded pipe. (Since the welded part of the steel pipe is in a straight line, it is named). Among them, as per various uses, and distinctive after creation forms, (significantly can be partitioned into framework tubes, liquid cylinders, wire housings, section tubes, guardrail tubes, and so on.)galvannealed steel sheet suppliers. Straight crease welded pipe standard GB/T3091-2008 and low weight liquid welded pipe is a sort of straight crease welded pipe. For the most part, water and gas are transported.

Primary creation process depiction of enormous distance across straight crease welded pipe

In the wake of welding, more water weight test is completed than normal welded pipe. The ebb and flow low weight liquid pipe is more straight than standard straight crease. The cost of welded pipe is somewhat higher (as indicated by the present market value, it is around 80 yuan higher).

Principle generation process portrayal of huge width straight crease welded pipe:

1.Growing width: Expanding the full length of the submerged curve welded straight crease steel pipe to improve the dimensional exactness of the steel pipe and improve the appropriation of worry in the steel pipe;

2.Processing edge: twofold sided processing the two edges of the steel plate by the edge processing machine to accomplish the required plate width, parallelism of the edge and the state of the depression;

3.Board examination: After the steel plate used to fabricate the enormous measurement submerged circular segment welded straight crease steel pipe enters the generation line, the entire board ultrasonic review is first completed;

4.X-beam investigation I: 100% X-beam mechanical TV assessment of inward and outside welds, utilizing picture preparing framework to guarantee the affectability of defect recognition;

5.Pre-twist: utilize the pre-bowing machine to pre-twist the edge of the board with the goal that the edge of the board has the required bend;

6.Outer welding: welding by longitudinal multi-wire submerged bend welding outwardly of straight crease submerged circular segment welded steel pipe;

7.Ultrasonic examination I: 100% review of the inward and external welds of straight crease welded steel funnels and the base metal on the two sides of the weld;

8.Water driven test: On the water driven testing machine, the steel pipe after the distance across extension is tried individually to guarantee that the steel pipe meets the test weight required by the standard. The machine has programmed recording and capacity capacities;

9.Chamfering: The steel pipe subsequent to passing the assessment will be prepared at the pipe end to accomplish the required pipe end depression size;

10.Ultrasonic review II: Ultrasonic investigation is completed over and over to check for deformities that may happen in the wake of fixing and water weight of straight crease welded steel funnels;

11.X-beam examination II: X-beam mechanical TV investigation and cylinder end weld recording of the steel pipe after the extension and hydrostatic test; steel sheet manufacturers

12.Hostile to consumption and covering: The certified steel pipe is safeguarded and covered by client prerequisites;

13.Embellishment: First, half of the pre-bowed steel plate is ventured and stepped on the JCO trim machine, squeezed into a “J” shape, and after that the other portion of the steel plate is additionally twisted, squeezed into a “C” shape, lastly an opening is framed. “O” shape

14.Pre-welding: joints of straight crease welded steel pipes in the wake of framing and constant welding by gas protected welding (MAG);