1. Chinese yam

Yam is very nourishing, not only has the reputation of “the food of the gods”, but also the efficacy of food and medicine. Each 100g of yam contains about 75g of water, 14.4~19.9g of carbohydrate, 1.5~2.2g of protein, 0.1~0.2g of fat, 50ug of diosgenin and B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E. The carbohydrate is mainly starch, the viscous substance in yam is a mucin composed of mannan and globulin. Yam can effectively prevent the deposition of blood lipids on the blood vessel wall, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease, and has the effect of prolonging life. It is also good for the elderly to eat more yam.

  1. Yellow wine

Yellow wine, beer and wine are the world’s three major ancient wines. The core selling point of its products is very prominent, and the sales proposition is easy to refine. In addition, modern consumption trends also help to promote the sales of rice wine, because yellow wine is healthier, lower, and healthier than white wine. Therefore, the competitive advantage of rice wine should be very obvious. However, the cruel market is not the case. The production of rice wine accounts for only 4% of the total beverages in China, and has been hovering around 1.3 million tons. Shaoxing rice wine is basically maintained at around 250,000 tons, accounting for about 20% of the yellow wine industry. Compared with the domestic liquor, the yellow wine industry is relatively weak.

Yellow wine has so many advantages, it is rich in nutrients and amino acids, easy to digest, soothing and promoting blood circulation, beauty and beauty, promoting appetite and protecting the heart. It is also an ideal medicine primer.

  1. Lily

The lily is sweet and bitter, and is rich in nutrients. It has protein, vitamins, and carotene. It also has some special active ingredients such as starch, polysaccharide, pectin and various alkaloids. Lily has a certain effect on inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, it is of great benefit to drink lily porridge for cancer patients.

The winter climate is cold, and our constitution are weak. The human body is affected by the cold air temperature, and the physiological functions and appetite of the body will change. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the diet reasonably, ensure the sufficient nutrients in the human body, and improve people’s cold resistance and immune function.

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