In this year, the transfer mechanism of scientific and technological achievements was further improved. The Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued a set of rules,SinoeastItaliano  which clarified the policy of reducing the tax incentives for the transformation of achievements, and the cash rewards can be converted into income from scientific and technological achievements for three years ( Within 36 months), it rewards scientific and technical personnel, further reduces taxes and fees, and promotes technological innovation and transformation of results.

In order to effectively implement the series of policies promulgated by the state, all localities and units have introduced corresponding rules in accordance with their own actual conditions. For example, Lanzhou University, where I am located, combined with the school development plan and actual conditions, introduced a corresponding management system, further rationalized the scientific research management system and mechanism, and maximized the ”relaxation” of scientific research personnel to stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation. Guided by innovation quality and contribution, we establish a classification assessment mechanism; SinoeastNederlands adjust scientific research projects and research funding management methods, simplify work processes, enhance the satisfaction and acquisition of scientific research personnel; adjust the distribution of scientific and technological achievements, and maximize the mobilization of scientific research personnel. The enthusiasm for the transformation of results; the establishment of a cross-disciplinary mechanism, the construction of a cross-disciplinary research platform, and the creation of new research growth points.

In 2019, Lanzhou University will celebrate its 110th anniversary. As a member of the school’s scientific and technological innovation position, I will strengthen the responsibility of taking the urgency of waiting for the time, adhering to the work philosophy of ”taking the top in the ground to overcome difficulties and sticking to the struggle and not humiliating the mission”, focusing on the national major strategy and local economic and social development needs. Sinoeast한국어 Carry out scientific and technological innovation work and make due contributions to the construction of ”double first-class” schools and the construction of innovative countries.

Looking forward to the future, the development of national science and technology has a long way to go. As a science and technology worker in a western university, I look forward to further deepening the reform of the science and technology system and injecting a stronger driving force for technological innovation. In order to better reflect the tax benefits of education, it is recommended to reduce the personal income tax of scientific researchers; in order to support the construction of scientific and technological talents in the western region, it is recommended that the country’s major scientific research infrastructure and scientific research platform be tilted to the west to build a major scientific research platform with western characteristics. At the same time, a number of major R&D projects will be deployed to attract high-level talents to the west to engage in research and development.Sinoeastрусский  Through policy adjustments, we will further increase the inclination to the west and the less developed regions, form an overall synergy of scientific and technological innovation, and make greater contributions to building an innovative country.