In such an era of limited attention, everyone is very busy, don’t expect others to wait for your marketing ads every day. Everyone is busy, may be in the toilet, may be talking to others, may be reading newspapers, may be chat in WeChat, may also be attracted by another advertisement…

At this time, your advertise faces a distracting person, you need to attract him, let him put his attention on you.

Close to me

The people will always concern the things what close to them, they don’t care what you say about other things. A study of the human brain also found that there is a thing in the brain called the hippocampus that automatically filters the information we receive, and those that are closely related to ourselves or that form contrasts and subvert cognitive information can often receive by us.

Visual appeal

The distinctive visual appeal, you don’t need different with all the world, you need only your product different with others. Such as in the past, all the earphones are black, but the ipod adopt a completely adverse color- white. Suddenly it attracts a huge amount of attention, all the people are surprised to its color. If you want out of the ordinary, firstly you need different with other products.

What the core target of your advertise?

For most of mainstream products, they all have their market, but many people have not realized their demand, or their demand have not be activated. At this time, the target of your advertise is to activate your customers’ demand. It is of no help if they have not paid attention to you. You need to ask him why he needs to use this product or what the product can help you.

And the more horrible thing is, the consumers have demands, but they don’t know about you, your product have be passed although it has not competitive with others. For this time, your target of advertise is to let others remember your brand and your product, and what features your product have. You must notice that if you want form a huge amount of traffic, you should give your product a point that can be remembered by the consumers, rather than only put your brand and product on the internet. Don’t only to pursue the perfection, ultimately they don’t remember your product at all.

If you have not understand the real demand of the consumers, the result will more with less, it is normal that you cannot see the effect of your advertise.

Does your advertise have repeat?

Many people like to put all the things in his advertise, he hardly imagines that there is less and less time leave us, and consumers are more and more amnesia in this high competitive society.

An advertise needs to accumulate for a certain time, no repeat cannot form memory, you need occupy customers’ time if you want occupy their heart.

Hope this passage can help you.

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