The “High Efficiency Automatic Filter Press (KMP)” consolidates programmed channel squeezing, channel plate vibration, programmed valve opening and shutting, programmed siphon beginning and halting, different tension recognition, shortcoming caution light, and a progression of capacities, for example, programmed cleaning and programmed fluid assortment and plate turning. The unique imported material channel plate and channel fabric just as the dependable strain holding setting significantly abbreviate the sifting press time and work on the functioning effectiveness. The reference channel press time is 15 minutes for each cycle for inorganic mud and 30 minutes for every cycle for natural mud. What’s more the viability of the channel press yield is ensured. Because of the expanded productivity, the KMP is more modest contrasted with other channel presses, more straightforward to introduce and keep up with, and burns-through less energy, lessening generally working expenses.
Item applications
Inorganic slop industry for example stone, pottery, china filter press machine manufacturers sun oriented cells, nuclear energy age, glass handling, modern and mining enterprises Organic ooze or other blended muck businesses for example substance, printing and coloring, pickling, city muck and so on Unique natural businesses for example dairy items industry and so on

Center benefits.

Free mix.

Separate design, clients can pick the sedimentation and channel press capacities as per their requirements

Completely computerized.

Vibration helped mud release, no requirement for manual mud scooping

Discretionary programmed flushing capacity permits completely programmed washing of the channel fabric

Programmed start/pause and shortcoming checking

Green and energy saving.

Water can be reused to save assets

Lower energy utilization

More modest impression

Quick and effective.

Inorganic slime: 1 sq. ft. of channel press region, approx. 1.5 sq. ft. of cake in 24 hours, water content underneath 60%

Natural muck or other blended slime: 1 sq. ft. of channel press region, approx. 700 L of cake in 24 hours

Natural ooze or other blended slime: short channel press pattern of 30 minutes each, cake dampness content underneath 70%

For extraordinary natural businesses, each cycle is just about as short as an hour and the water content of the cake is under 75%.

5、System interaction stream: The sewage is shipped to the high effectiveness sedimentation tank by a sub siphon, the sewage is separated rapidly by the unique material and covering of the honeycomb slanted line inside the sedimentation tank, the slime is gathered and settled at the lower part of the sedimentation tank, the supernatant is released from the line above or reused. The thickened slop is passed on to the chamber channel press by a pneumatic stomach siphon at a tension of 6-8 BAR. The water powered framework imported from Germany gives a pressure driven strain of 250 BAR for the channel press process, along with the imported channel fabric and channel plate of unique material to guarantee the fixing of the chamber during the channel press process. The filtrate is released through the chamber pipeline. The water stream sensor screens the muck dryness in the chamber and the framework naturally opens the plate when the foreordained worth is reached. The entire framework is constrained by a PLC program and can be worked unattended 24 hours per day, and the unique boundaries can be set and changed.