Not safety

In the case of hot tubs, “wardriving databases” may hijack the equipment and devices without any permission or authentication. The related researchers found this issue through public resources. That is awesome thing to any securities’ installations we used. Meanwhile, the public database contains enough details to execute a hacker attack (this image has been edited to delete some information).


Mr Ken Munro, founder from UK security company – Pen Test Partners, said “It takes away consumer choice and it takes away users’ right to privacy and security,” he explained again “this had been irresponsible”. The researcher admits that this is not the most serious Internet’s issue of vulnerability in the world, but says it still deserves public attention.Click Here For More.

The company (BWG) said it was working with more than 1,000 owners in the UK and other countries to establish a personal username and password system to ensure online control. The company said it had chosen not to do so because it wanted homeowners to “allow easy and easy use and activation”. 

Alert in Christmas Day

Mr. Ken Munro said “Manufacturers still are not taking security seriously enough, and until they do consumers have to be very vigilant,” he added “We recommend users reset any default passwords the device has immediately with a unique one of their own.” Mr. Munro also stated that this year, people will receive many Christmas gifts which will connect to the Internet and provide remote control through applications.


VTech marks a flaw in tablets after the BBC Watchdog detects that children’s tracking smart watches are “vulnerable to hackers” and security cameras send videos to wrong users.