Beijing issues action plan to promote AI industry

On Wednesday, Beijing released an action plan for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and established an artificial intelligence research institute to boost the development of the artificial intelligence industry.Click Here For More.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Beijing Municipal Government, the plan aims to encourage scientists in frontier fields, promote breakthroughs in artificial intelligence theory, methods, tools and systems, and create deeper applications of artificial intelligence technology.

Xu Qiang, director of the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, said that the action plan is an open and inclusive system, which will be used to establish an open artificial intelligence service platform and joint laboratories, train talents and promote scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges in research universities.Click Here For More.

According to the plan of action, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was established for an open service platform to build with application and development of artificial intelligence, in which the leading enterprises of Peking University and the artificial intelligence industry participated.

The central government emphasized that the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence would be promoted in October. Last year, Peking also issued guidelines to further promote the innovation of industry of AI.

Alphabet (Google) abandons about rescue robot

Google owner Alphabet is going to give up the development of biped robots after half of decade. The company had been developing large industrial robots since it acquired two start-ups in 2013, Schaft and Boston Dynamics.Click Here For More.

Its creations have won awards, and videos are often infected by viruses. But the alphabet changed its focus and sold Boston dynamics around 2017. The company said it could not sell Schaft and shut down the Department.