No Demand

Needlessness refers to the lack of interest or indifference of target market customers to a particular product. For example, many African residents never wear shoes and do not need shoes. Normally, the market does not require the following products:

  1. Waste materials which are generally regarded as worthless;
  2. What is generally considered valuable but not valuable in a particular environment;check here
  3. New products or items unfamiliar to consumers. The task of a marketer is to stimulate marketing, that is, to create demand, and to combine product interests with people’s natural needs and interests through effective promotion means.

Latent Demand

This means that existing products or services can not meet the strong needs of many consumers. We may have an example below,check here

Older people need health food with high vegetable protein and low cholesterol, beautiful and generous clothing, safe, comfortable and well-served transportation, etc. However, many enterprises have not paid attention to the needs of the elderly market.

The task of enterprise marketing is to accurately measure the potential market demand and develop effective products and services, that is, to develop marketing.