The thorough, outrageous conditions

that are the same old thing in

pulverizing require an enhanced


Your Cone Crusher Partner

With more than fifty years of

experience, Scheerer gets it

that beginning up force, shock loads,

also, high vibration require an

further developed plan that will diminish

rubbing, slipping, and china Rock crusher bearing heat

age while expanding up


It’s the way it’s made that is important

Regardless of whether banding together with Scheerer

as your OEM provider or as your

secondary selling substitution, Scheerer

bearings are designed to accomplish

greatest activity usefulness.

Barrel shaped and Tapered Thrust


• Optimized surface completion for

further developed usefulness and life


• Decreased beginning up grinding and

haul through a position of safety confine


• Specialized roller plan to

work on functional limit.

Barrel shaped Roller Bearings

• Optimized surface completion and

preloading to diminish the

event of slipping on


• Lightweight pen to diminish

startup contact and slipping.

• Larger lead in chamfer

for simpler get together and


Recondition for Maximum Value

Scheerer can normally recondition an enormous bearing and

convey it to you in a small amount of the time needed to

make another bearing. We likewise give crisis

fix administration (some of the time inside a 24-hour duration).

Furthermore, you can set aside to 60% of the expense of another

bearing. We assist clients with enormous bearing speculations

amplify the help lifetime of their bearings and their

large equipment.

Arranged reconditioning for basic bearing segments can

guarantee business tasks stay on time at greatest

yield. This can accomplish a reserve funds of as much as 60%

contrasted with building another bearing. This is particularly evident

for enormous bearings. Get in touch with us to assist with arranging this timetable.

At the point when you send us your bearings, our specialists review

them completely on appearance. An improved on rating framework is

used to decide the work expected to reestablish the bearing’s

functional boundaries and a firm gauge is ready.

Our Guarantee

Scheerer Bearing ensures that any

bearing we make or revamp is

liberated from abandons in workmanship or

material. Any bearing which is demonstrated

to be inadequate inside one year from

date of procurement will be supplanted

or then again revamped for nothing if the

inadequate bearing is returned, charges

paid ahead of time, to Willow Grove, PA and the

bearing is found to have been appropriately

introduced, greased up, and utilized. If it’s not too much trouble

contact our outreach group to set up a

Return Authorization (RA) number.

About Scheerer Bearing

A worldwide provider of bearings and related

items, Scheerer Bearing Corporation

makes bearing items for OEM’s

furthermore, post-retail clients in an assortment

of enterprises like oil and gas, wind

energy, steel, mash and paper, mining and

total, railroad, machine device, and

general industry. Since 1963, Scheerer

Bearing’s target has been to bring to the table a

product offering that meets the particular requirements of

their clients with top caliber, enormous size,

standard and custom bearings. Scheerer

Bearing produces and conveys a full line of

ball and roller bearings up to 100 inches

OD. Scheerer Bearing can likewise revamp and

recondition any bearings inside their size