Recently, in a high school, because students violated the school’s regulations on mobile phones, after invalid education many times, more than 10 students were given the decision to dismiss. It is strictly forbidden to carry a mobile phone in the school. This rule is understandable, but is it reasonable for students after repeated violations of education? The purpose of the school is to consider the interests of most people, but personal mobile phone will definitely affect the interests of others? What is the interest of most people refer to? These questions make us have to reflect on whether the school’s approach is correct? The original intention of the school is to educate, and disguised education cannot be regarded as true education.Click Here For More.

More and more measures are now making people stunned. Click Here For More. Such as ”Prohibiting boys to talk”, ”In order to have more study time, not letting students brush their teeth and wash their faces”, ”Thinking about facing the wall” and so on, people have to think about the purpose of the school. Only with academic achievement as the fundamental goal, the school can not cultivate real talents, but it will damage the dignity of students. Because such as these mobile phones problems that have no essential errors, expelling students has not only failed to play an educational role for students, but has not fulfilled the responsibility of a school.

Schools that only focus on academic performance will not cultivate talents at all. Because the school has only achieved knowledge education, but the development of students’ interest and the education of ideology and morality is seriously lacking. Some time ago, Lin Haosen’s poisoning case which had been widely spread, finally had a result. What’s incredible is that a 20-year-old person who has high intelligence university student does not know the murderous crimes. Such shocking things are considered to be mischief. The reason behind this is related to the malformation of education. If the school has more humanities education and pays more attention to the students’ ideological and moral, then this case will not be so absurd. The primary goal of education should be to train qualified people, and secondly to train talents. Because there is no ideological and moral education, students do not have correct values. Even if they enter the society, they cannot be used by the state or even have greater harm. Disguised education is the corruption of education. Is the school too exaggerated to harm the behavior of students with mobile phones? The final practice of the school, I think this is not the fundamental purpose of education.

The real purpose of education is to cultivate talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence and beauty, rather than cultivating some learning machines. The school uses rigorous means to improve academic performance, thereby creating its own reputation to gain more students. Is it for education? Who is responsible for the lack of physical and mental morality of students? There are too many problems to solve.