With the increasing role of cranes in China’s electric machinery in recent years, consumers have begun to pay attention to the actual performance and related use of the machine. High-quality light cranes can meet the requirements of heavy objects operation and reduce manual construction. Difficulty, and most of these cranes have the following characteristics:

What are the characteristics of the crane?

Feature 1: High performance

Using frequency conversion technology, the crane runs smoothly and safely, which can minimize the sway of the load and make the loading positioning faster and more accurate. It also reduces friction and mechanical stress between the crane and the plant structure. Since the wire rope reel has a large diameter and a short length, the horizontal running distance of the hook is the shortest when it is lowered, so that the positioning of the load is more accurate, and the crane can provide a double rope lifting device for a working condition that does not allow horizontal displacement.

Feature 2: Easy to operate

A variety of ergonomically designed suspension controllers are used to control all functions, including auxiliary material handling spreaders such as electromagnets. The crane’s hanging button box with liquid crystal display can communicate interactively with the safety and performance control system, and the crane continuously displays weight information while lifting heavy objects. Reputable cranes are also available with a wireless remote control system. This radio control is divided into different products, such as hand-held and joystick transmission, providing the best control solution for lifting equipment in demanding and complex environments.

Feature 3: light weight

Through the modular design of the crane software and the advanced technology, the professional crane adopts the most reasonable structure from the hoist, the end beam to the main beam, and its own weight is much lighter than that of the traditional crane. The crane’s wheel pressure on the track is small, the requirements for the plant are less, and the hoisting range is wider, which can save engineering cost.

Feature 4: Small footprint

The ability to use the plant space very effectively is one of the remarkable features of the crane. The limit distance between the hook and the wall on both sides is small and the clearance is high. The existing workshop has a larger effective working space, and the layout of the plant is more flexible, and the construction of the new plant can be designed to be smaller and the crane function is more complete.

The above is the main characteristics of the crane, and the crane has more than ten protection measures such as overheat protection, overload protection and phase sequence protection, which can ensure the safe operation of the crane. The high-quality crane has a larger diameter of the reel and a more standard deviation of the wire rope. This structure can reduce the tension and the degree of wear of the wire rope to achieve better lifting.