Life habits

The cats are quick-moving and skipping. Eat fish, rats, rabbits, etc. The cats like to eat fish and mice because they are nocturnal animals. In order to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine. Rats and fish contain plentiful taurine. So cats eating fish and mouses not only because they like fish and mice, but also because they need it.

A cat can walk on a high wall and jump lightly. We have to admire to its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerve and sense of balance. It only needs to change the position and height of the tail slightly to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of the hind foot to jump quickly, even when falling in the air, it can also change the body posture, landing lightly and accurately. Be careful not to pull off the cat’s tail, it will affect its balance ability, will easily cause diarrhea, reduce the life span of cats.Click Here For More.

Domestication method

Cats, as gentle, intelligent and lively animals, have a long history as family pets, especially in European and American. In the early 20th century, an American zoologist invented “cat tree” for the first time in order to treat the growing depression of domestic cats or pet cats.

Today, in many countries, some high-end products have become standard household goods and crafts, combined with the host’s aesthetic taste and home style, so that cats and people can enjoy high-grade life.

International well-known brands such as Garfield Island in Australia and MordenCat in the United States have emerged for the development of products in this area. “Cat tree” is their important product.