World’s first AI news anchor in China

The world’s first AI news anchor made “his” debut at the Fifth World Internet Congress in Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. The news anchor is based on the latest artificial intelligence technology, with male images, voice, facial expressions and real people’s movements. “He” teaches himself live broadcasting videos and can read texts naturally like professional news hosts.Click Here For More.

AI news anchor is jointly developed by Xinhua News Agency, China’s state-owned official media outlets and China search engine company, Sogou. According to Xinhua News Agency, “He” has become a member of the news reporting team, Click Here For More. working 24 hours on official websites and various social media platforms, reducing the cost of news production and improving efficiency.

Musk Tweets Video of Transportation Test Tunnel

Elon Musk released a new video on Twitter about building tunnels in suburban Los Angeles to test a new type of transportation system.Click Here For More.

Musk wrote on Twitter on Saturday that he had traveled the length of the tunnel and commented that it was “disturbingly long”. The tunnel stretches about 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) below Hawthorne’s street, and the SpaceX headquarters of Musk is located in Hawthorne. Musk envisages a transportation system in which vehicles or people’s cabins move through tunnels on an electric platform called skates. Elon Musk proposed to build a tunnel in Western Los Angeles and a tunnel between the subway line and the Dodge Stadium.