The most of time we will face that two children to grab toy, meanwhile, a strong one will win this game. But the most of people will not care about this issue, grabbing toy among children. Actually we may teach own children by this chance during growing up period. So let us have a look about real case and analysis of parents ways.



Before kindergarten, children come into contact with relatives, most parents are more accommodated and compromised to their children. When the children have a sense of property rights, then everything in the family can be taken as their own after that and there will be no objection from parents. In the long run, the children have an excess of self-awareness, and they have to find ways to get what they like. When it is time to go to kindergarten by children, there have fewer toys and more children in the kindergarten. It is easy for children to compete. Certainly, there are some children who grab toys, naturally and subsequently there are some “victims” who have been grabbed. For example, when the child has been grabbed ask relatives for help, there are some case below, certainly, the most of parents’ ways are wrong.

Grandpa: I grab it back for you, my dear.

The children who like to grab things are generally less likely to express or easily to be provoked. Grandpa who volunteered for help to get things back may incur his child to be in violent behavior. This way may rile the child who grab the toys, then are likely to create a war for grabbing toys. If we fail in the process of grabbing toys back, the children not only will be hurt, but the children’s self-esteem is also influenced.


Grandma, No worried, i will buy you new one.

Grandma’s way actually will teach children as cowering, and doing nothing aiming to the issue.. the most often parents like to teach their children “harmony is precious”, “loss is a blessing” and “resignation”.


Mom, You cannot win him and you may play other toys.

Actually Mom’s way is also similar to Grandma’s. But letting the child silently endure; letting the child face bullying without resistance, will only make those who grab your child’s toys more and more feel that your child is a good cowardly lion. In the long rum, the children would feel inferior increasingly; would be good at sacrifice own advantage to please others; in the process of growing up, more and more humiliation.

Dad, Do you tell him that is your toy?

This is correct way as ask your child to tell others who grab your child’s toys, this is my toy and grabbing my toy is wrong. Certainly, your child also warns grabber as I will report your action to the teachers or fight to you if you do it again to me.

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