India surpassed the United States and became the world’s second largest smartphone market. Samsung Electronics and all of China’s first-line mobile phone manufacturers are vying for the Indian mobile phone market. In the battle for the Indian market, Apple suffered a big hit. According to the latest news from foreign media, with the launch of Apple’s new mobile phone this year, the outside world has found that Apple’s pricing is getting higher and higher. There are indications that Apple has completely abandoned the Indian market, which is in urgent need of cost-effective and low-end mobile phones.

Previously, the market research company’s quarterly report showed that Apple’s mobile phone market in India is getting weaker and the market share has been reduced from 2% to 1%. It has become a completely marginalized manufacturer. Apple’s market share is only account for a small change of Xiaomi and other Chinese brands.

The India media pointed out that it’s very difficult that iphone sales as a high price since its brand appeal, they need to think about the actual situation about India consumers to publish a cheaper one. According to The Motley Fool, a US financial investment website, people find that Apple’s new mobile phone price this year is higher than in the past, even if the basic version iPhone XR (not yet on sale) is priced at up to $750, the price is higher than the past few years.

Why does apple raise the price constantly? The main reason is its sales has been stagnant, the apple company hope they can raise the retail price to improve the profit of them. In the past nine months of this year, Apple’s mobile phone sales were basically the same as last year, but relying on price increases, Apple’s total revenue has increased by 15%. In India’s huge smartphone market, Apple has not been able to occupy a place, and this behavior that continue to raise prices will let Apple continue to pay a huge price. Samsung posses the big electric products manufacture base, India mobile phone market is pay much attention to Samsung, they can avoid many taxes by manufacture the accessories in local market. In the face of fierce attacks by Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has also begun to learn more and introduce more cost-effective and low-priced mobile phones. Under this condition, Apple’s competitiveness against Samsung has become weaker.

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