1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the United States is a world-famous natural wonder located on the Kaibab Plateau in the northwestern part of Arizona, with a total area of 2724.7 square kilometers. The Colorado River, also known as the Colorado Grand Canyon, is one of UNESCO’s protected natural heritage sites. The Grand Canyon was discovered by an expedition in 1540. In 1919, the Grand Canyon area was turned into the “Grand Canyon National Park.” Only when the Grand Canyon overlooks from a high altitude, it is possible to completely appreciate the cracks in this land. The Colorado River, which flies over hundreds of torrents, flows from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It is the giant of the river. After 5 million years ago, with its genius imagination and extraordinary willpower, it cut the plateau, reorganized the river and the rock, subverting time and space, wrote the legend of the Grand Canyon about 443 kilometers, with an average width of 16 kilometers and a depth of 1.6 kilometers. Interestingly, the Indians living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon did not have the word ‘Grand Canyon’ in their vocabulary, and they created a new word based on their way of thinking. This new word happens to be the most vivid description of the Grand Canyon. : “Inverted long mountain”

The Grand Canyon North is only open to visitors from the end of May to November. Driving in the North District is also very convenient, and it takes about 4.5 hours to drive from Las Vegas. Because there are few tourists here, it is also called“quiet zone”by tourists. The annual tourist volume is only one tenth of the southern area.

Many tourists go to the Grand Canyon to stay on the surface. In fact, many beautiful scenery can’t be reached by the car wheel, don’t limit it to what you see in the window. Sometimes the real beauty is only one step away from you. You only need to get off. In the Grand Canyon Scenic Area, there are signs in the scenic area, which indicate the route to the scenic spot, some special places and animals and plants. You can arrange the tour according to your own hobbies.

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